Device Icon List

Another post spurred me to creating this. I would like to know what are all the icons that Sense has implemented. Please, post your device name that creates an icon not present below.

Home                        Fridge                       Fan/Blower               Garage Door            Heat Source

Light Source            Motor                       Toaster                      Dish Washer             Coffee Maker

Dryer                         TV                             Microwave                Vacuum                      

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I’ve had a coffee pot, a toaster, a stove, a dryer, some others…

One thing you can do is change the names of something and see what pops up :slight_smile:

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Thanks, NJHaley. I didn’t know that.

Everyone else, please post device ‘keywords’ that cause different icons. I’ll update my post with new icons based on your feedback.

Hi, thanks for initiating this topic. The icon does not change after initial detection or when the device is renamed, however, this is something that we are currently working on!

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Maarja-Liis, the device icon does in fact change when you rename the device, as long as the device name contains a keyword associated with an icon. I confirmed this, by renaming an unknown device to things mentioned by NJHanley above. Upon saving the name change, the icon changed.

Would you be able to provide us a list the ‘keywords’ associated with different icons?

Oh, sorry about that, I misunderstood and thought you were having an issue with the icon not changing as this has been seen as an issue before. I will get back to you soon with an answer to your request!

Here are a couple more:

I’m not seeing the same behavior consistently. When I rename “Unnamed Motor 7” to “Vacuum” or “Central Vacuum”, the icon does NOT change… But when I renamed “Unnamed Motor 1” to “Toto Fan” the icon does change. So apparently only some keywords trigger icon change.

Don’t forget that infamous “Electric Vehicle” icon that still seems to require a little learning… Mine has only run for 21s, so far. But I say my prayer of hope every night.

Can we get an update on this?
I would like to understand what those keywords are so I can reclassify devices as they get detected.


Hi Michael,

There are quite a few words that we look at to apply custom icons to devices that users have renamed. In the future, we will be adding functionality to categorize devices and change these icons yourself.

Are the specific devices/icons you had in mind? They’re generally pretty straightforward ie. toaster => toaster icon.

Well, I had a Fridge that I really don’t think is a fridge get identified, so I tried changing the name to Motor while I figure out what exactly it is.

However, the icon/graphic didn’t change.

Should I raise an issue in the app?

Ah, I see. So the icon changing based on keywords only works if it was originally detected as an unknown/unnamed device. Because the device was IDed as a fridge by Sense, the icon won’t change. This is an example of something that the feature we working on will solve, because it will give you the ability to change the icon no matter what.

Just a follow-up - I had something that was either initially my dishwasher heating element that morphed to dryer heating element, but when I changed the name the dishwasher icon remained :confused:

I had this happen. I removed the name entirely, it reverted to a heating element icon. I was then able to rename it and get the correct icon. More important than icons… When should we expect heating elements to be detected with any sort of accuracy?

@NJHaley, sorry about that! Icon issues like that will be solved with the icon control feature that we’re working on.

@mattlebaugh, unfortunately, I can’t give a specific timeline but it is something that the data science team is aware of and working on.

Most of the device icons are pretty good, except for the aquarium which seems be using the unknown device ‘plug’ icon :electric_plug:.

A fish tank or a fish :fish: might be a little better.

Good point! An aquarium icon would be a nice addition. I’ll pass that feedback along.