Icons and numbering of found items seems strange


What is the significance, if any in the way Sense numbers things that it has found but have not been identified yet? As you can see in the attached I have three motors that are labelled as 1,4,8? Also why is one called an unknown motor while the other two are listed as unnamed motors? Also why are the icons little gears on number 1 and 4 but what looks like a house for motor 8?


The numbers show the initial order of detection. Later on as some devices become identified, the app does not rename them, so they stay the same. Regarding the Unknown vs Unnamed, we were able to determine from the data that this was not its original name and it has been renamed. You can reset the device to its default name by hitting the “x” next to the name in the device edit section (iOS) and check this yourself. To explain the icons - the gears are motors and the houses symbolize more generic devices. It looks here that there was a problem when Unnamed motor 8 was originally identified and the wrong icon was added to the device. Hope this helps clarify these questions - let us know if there is anything else!

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