Strange device name

I am about 3 weeks in, and still obsessed. I noticed a weirdly named device. Does sense name devices strange names while it is figuring out what it could be?

That looks like (what i’m assuming) to be a sense internal device code, or something along the lines of that…
I see those on the web view in the url’s and every device that I have is unique.

However, I have never seen them named like that in the mobile view.
Usually when something appears, it appears as “motor 2, pump 1, heat 3, etc” then I track it down and rename it accordingly

I had that happen to me as well but the issue was temporary. It could be the Sense internal name for “Other” on your system. If it doesn’t clear up on its own, you should contact support.

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It only shows up under usage, not under devices.

It hasn’t even alerted me that it has found a new device. I suspect it will soon.

@billlokey Does it show any different on the sense web app as opposed to the mobile?

@ramon is correct here. Sense was temporarily unable to fetch the properties for that device ID. Quitting and restarting the app should fix this issue but if you’re still seeing the issue please reach out to