Getting Suggested Device Names back


When Sense discovers a new device, I love how it gives me a (crowd-sourced?) list of what type of device it likely is.

If after a while I decide I must have impulsively chose chose the wrong device type, how do I “reset” the device to see the list of suggestions again?



Hey Randy. If you navigate to the Devices screen, just tap the device you want to rename. On the device’s screen, click the gear icon in the top right corner to get to Device Settings. When you tap the Name field, you should see those Community Names pop back up.


Thanks for the quick answer. It’s likely that this device simply doesn’t have any Community Names attached to it. It’s certainly not an AC unit (I don’t have two and I don’t run the one I have this time of year).


Hmm. That’s still a bit odd. Could you actually write into about this? They can lend more insight into why there aren’t any suggested names.


Done. For anyone who might be interested, here’s the answer:

Most devices will show community names. However, there are times when we don’t have enough data for a device to establish community names for it (usually this is a device that we simply haven’t seen run all that much). That should change over time if Sense sees that device running more frequently.

That makes sense to me (no pun intended).