Sense is renaming custom named devices again?

I thought this feature had been disabled for any device we have already given a custom name. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Did you have the “this is a guess” option checked? If so it will still rename it.

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I don’t think I did as I don’t see the (?) at the end of the display name in these messages. Unless it is stripped out of those strings. Hard to confirm one way or another now that it is renamed.

My Alpha device and others are set as guess so it probably was enabled. :frowning_face: I leave this is a guess enabled until I have confidence it is the proper device so I guess it bit me. I had an ‘Alpha’ and a ‘Beta’ for this device as the real world device is 220V, but I didn’t have enough confidence to merge these two devices together as one. They wouldn’t always be on at the same time and one or the other would sometimes be confused with the upstairs AC air handler when it was running.

It’s supposed to not rename if we have done it and the guess button is off, but I have had it rename even in these circumstances.
I did contact support and they said it could not happen. I could see they were not even open to thinking they had a mistake or big somewhere so I just let it go.

I suppose if it “could not happen”, then support isn’t responsible for helping sort it out. Interesting behavior. Their CEO should learn about this.

It’s just my opinion but I think the CEO is the least interested in what customers have to say.

I’ve been in a number of high tech startups over the years (some very successful, some failures) and in 100% of them the CEO’s primary focus drives the organization and its success (or failure). If the Sense CEO isn’t focused on making customers successful, then Sense is dead, just taking time to get there. Hopefully you are wrong, but who knows. See for the team profiles.

Mike, and many of his Sense team, are ex-Vlingo folks, a hugely successful speech recognition company sold off back in 2012. One huge difference is that their customers were a handful of massive corporations, not the retail market with hundreds/thousands of individuals complaining about their problems.

How did you come to this conclusion?

In some kind of tangential defense I would point to the fact that Sense’s core tech is in fact something that can be sold to “massive corporations”, read: Utilities and so on.

The challenge is keeping things afloat until enough users (and corporations/investors) feel that it works. The team obviously has to focus on both aspects: bottom-up & top-down.

Geez, you guys are really taking this thread in a direction it didn’t need to go. :man_shrugging:


Agreed. :upside_down_face:

In other words: Your OT has been co-opted (renamed) to prove a point? :grin:

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When I look at all the new features Sense has versus what it had when I bought mine in January AND I compare these features to “product wishlist” requests, it’s pretty clear most of the new features are not user driven.
Let’s say 10 new features or changes are implemented and out of those, 1 is a user request, where did the others come from?

This thread has gone wildly off the rails. Please bring it back on topic and/or take side convos to other threads/PMs.

@samwooly1 shoot me a PM about this and I’ll dig into the tickets and check with engineering. We’re able to see the timeline of the guess marks.

@scorp508 yup, sounds like these were Guesses that then got renamed automatically.

I’d love a “don’t rename this” option if we’ve custom renamed something yet are still working out the details of what it is, or at least ask the user for approval before auto-renaming.

In this example it is a wildly wrong rename I would have declined. It appeared to be one leg of a 220V air handler yet my confidence in which air handler (we have 2) it was wasn’t strong enough to turn off the guess flag.

It’s something definitely worth considering.

Before there was “this is a guess” feature many of us put our own question mark into the title of a questionable detection. Creating a “do not rename this” is creating another UI button to defeat a UI button and seems counter productive. It feels like either the “This is a guess” toggle needs to be re-worked, or better copy needs to be added to the screen to explain to people exactly how “This is a guess” works.

In reality, the better question is - is Sense’s team using the status of “This is a guess” in any meaningful way for their data analysis, or is it really just a way to auto populate a ? and to allow for an auto rename. If its the latter, then it is doing exactly as its designed and ultimately, its a combination of user error driven by a not great understanding of how it is used.

While I believe they did identify a bug in the auto renaming feature, most of the threads with concerns over re-naming have resulted in people forgetting that they did in fact have the “This is a Guess” toggled, or a name that was given by Sense, not user entered.

On the flip side, I think its not “This is a Guess” that needs work, but the auto rename/auto merge that needs work. It should not be automatic. Just like when a device is first detected and it offers you a list of things it thinks it might be, I think if the routine that handles naming finds a better name, it should push an alert and give you the option to accept or reject the change and or merge.


++ to this. Putting a human in the middle allows a moderation process with a feedback loop to exist. If I don’t want to rename/merge, allow me to state why for the purposes of hopefully improving the overall process moving forward.

Thanks everyone for feedback on this. I’ll bring it to the team and will keep you all updated if we choose to make any changes.

One of the problems with “this is not a guess” is the fact that Sense toggled that button on when it detected and named the device. So the user never knew it was toggled on to begin with.