Discovered devices have hex names in web app

All devices my Sense has detected are shown with hexadecimal names in their bubbles in the web app (see picture below). I assume this is an internal identifier. This includes devices the Sense has auto-named and those I have given their own names. When I click on an identified device, it takes me to the device’s page, where the correct name is briefly shown at the top before changing back to the hex id #. The device doesn’t show at all on the list on the left of the “devices” page.

The Android app works just fine - this a web-only issue. It’s a new Sense, so I can’t tell if this is a new problem.

Apologies if this is a known issue - I wasn’t able to find anything relevant with a search.

Weird! Couple more details:

What browser? Have you tried multiple browsers? Cleared cache?

This can happen on mobile in the very early days of a new detection, but if you’re seeing this only on Web, that’s quite odd.

I have tried multiple browsers - Chrome installations on two computers, plus MS Edge. Clearing cache doesn’t help either.

I do have a pi-hole set up and that’s the first place I look for weird bugs with connected devices, but I don’t see any blocked requests from the Sense’s IP, and disabling the pi-hole didn’t change anything.

The “SC Crawlspace” device is a Kasa smartplug, not a detected device.

Definitely occuring only on web. Here’s what it looks like on Android:

It’s especially weird that it’s not also showing on mobile. Did you take those screenshots at roughly the same time? Did your total wattage on the web app reflect that 2,344W?

I think this may be best handled by Support. You can reach them via

Screenshots were taken within a few minutes of each other, but the HVAC cycled off in between so the totals are different. The numbers are usually the same on both.

As of today, this problem seems to have fixed itself for already-found devices. If it happens again with new devices I’ll contact support.