Device Type (icon) detection mismatch


I have two identical devices - one of which is just sized differently than the other. They are both AC 110v radiate floor heating units controlled by the same exact model thermostat.

One was detected as generic device (home icon) the other was detected as a heater.

Will it eventually fix this? Is there a way to fix this?


Just rename the device.


That changes the name but not the device icon that Sense has assigned. The icon doesn’t seem to be able to be modified by the user.


True, but who cares about an icon - what value does it really give?


“what value does it really give”

Excellent question. First off, if it didn’t service any purpose (value as you put it) why would it be there :slight_smile:

But seriously, with a home with many devices, it provides, at quick glance what type of device it is. Same reason icon classification is used throughout so many UI for a good UX. Further - it’s wrong. Proper classification of the device type seems like a pretty important thing for a learning device. I would say one of the ways that the Sense device detection will learn is by having users correct inaccuracies of device detection - or at the very least, suggest what the device type should be.


Hi Andrew, thanks for reporting this and yes, this is a known bug that is in line to be fixed very soon. We appreciate your patience!


Maarja - thanks for the response. Is there anyway a mere mortal (user) can see the list of known issues and what is planned to be addressed. I’m just saying that information like that would have saved most of this conversation :slight_smile:


If the icon delivered no value, it wouldn’t be in the app. :slight_smile: There is plenty of research to show that humans can interpret and recognize objects faster than they can read text, and that a well rendered icon can be recognized faster than a photo-realistic image of the same thing.


meh… the icons would have value if they were correct and I had 50 to 100 items that were identified. With 21 items and only about 8 of value identified I really have no use for the icons at this point.


I’m 100% with you on having better control of what icons are displayed for our devices 100%, I’m just not with you on those icons not having value (once they are correct). It’s never good to throw out a useful feature just because it hasn’t been implemented fully/properly.


There is an open topic here in the community forum for Known Issues: List of known bugs, however, it has not been updated on this particular bug. Will be done very soon, thanks for pointing it out, Andrew!


I have the same bug and noticed the current issues thread has not been updated. In my case it is two garage doors. One is a garage icon, the other is a cogwheel.


Cogwheels are electric motors, right?

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