Device management

I get the notification that a new device has been found “light1”

I have no incandescent bulbs anymore , even replaced the one in my fridge for LED.

Getting more info from the device itself:

Then I figured out is it my trace PS2524 hybrid inverter.
It is hooked up to 120 volt at the grid side, it has a critical load side which has my servers.
It has a 24 volt battery hooked up to together with solar panels so during the day it could feed back in to the grid. Luckily the load is more than the panels generate so that is not in issue.

I clicked on the settings icon and renamed it.
Then I wanted to change the icon to something else than a light bulb.
I ended going through all menu’s and due to a mistake I clicked on “unmerge device” and now light1 is gone. When I click on light1 in the “today” list on the home page I get “It looks like this device no longer exists. It was most likely deleted (or became obsolete).”

afaik it was not merged, so there was nothing to “unmerge”
is this the same as “delete”?

How are you supposed to change the icon of “light1” that isn’t a light?

What to do next? will it be detected again?