[BUG] - Web app option to Unmerge actually deletes device

Wanted to let everyone know the Web app option to “Unmerge Device” actually DELETES a device entirely.
You will loose all historical data and native detection if you “Unmerge” a natively detected device.

Not sure who’s bright idea it was to rename “Delete Device” to “Unmerge Device” but they did.

Submitted ticket #260455 (10 days ago).

Took a bit of back and forth with Customer Service almost as if they were outsourced. But they finally understood the issue and alerted the Engineering team.
They have no ETA on how long it will take them to correct the issue but they will keep me updated over the next couple weeks.

Apparently changing one word on the web app (unmerge back to delete) is quite difficult to do.
So please be aware of this major issue while the sense engineers attempt to figure out how to correct this.

Same option displays for every single natively detected device. Again the word Delete has erroneously been replaced with the word Unmerge. The mobile app wording has not changed, delete is still called delete.

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Exactly my experience as described here
It deleted my device and it hasn’t show up again :frowning:

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Deleted last post about font size realized window was zoomed.

Not sure why, but for us this ticket is labeled as “on hold” (not closed). I’m following up on our end.

I imagine that’s how “reopen” ticket requests are handled.
Good to know, I just assumed the “reopen” button had always been broken.

After clicking “reopen” this is the screen that appears on our end:

Clicking on the orange “request #” on that screen takes you back to the ticket screen, where it appears nothing changed & no way to send new information, or ask a follow up question. “Ask a Question” opens the lower right help bot.

The ‘My Request’ screen still shows closed/solved.

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Hm - I’ll ask our Support lead about this. There should be a better option to relay status of a ticket that’s been reopened.

Either way, I spoke with Product and Engineering and this bug will be fixed soon. It fell off the list of bugs pre-holiday.


Thank you for the update regarding the delete/unmerge issue.
Apparently I did sorta submit 2 tickets for this issue. 260455 on 11/27 & a second 260575 on 11/28. I didn’t recognize 260455 at first as it’s position on the list of tickets changed, it’s now up top showing as open. 260455 was originally about the list of “other merged devices”, at first I didn’t realize delete had been renamed so I opened 260575. The merge issue was answered by Nick as part of completely unrelated ticket. So that part was resolved, the delete/unmerge part remains. 260455 became a mess of confusion so I can understand how it fell off. 260575 was likely ignored and closed because of 260455.

Apologies for all the confusion.
So many things need to go through the request/ticket system it gets confusing on both ends. Especially when there are multiple requests for the same issue, or a request involves multiple issues often related but with separate resolve.

One thing I see in a lot of other outfits that Sense could build on. Everything starts out as a request. General questions, basic support that require a simple fix (ct polarity reversal, etc… ) could remain as requests. Compound issues the require more investigation, assigned to a lead, passed onto engineering, etc… could get a ticket number or numbers attached to the specific issue(s). And logged bugs would get a bug number.
Sense likely has something similar in place internally. Bringing it to the forefront would seemingly make things much easier to reference, track & eliminate the need to reopen a request/ticket from our end.

Thanks again for checking on the bug & everything you do!



This (web app) issue has finally been resolved. Delete is now properly labeled Delete.

Capture (1)



Yes, I meant to close this out. Apologies on the delay for a relatively simple change, we’ve made some changes on how we handle community bug reports internally that should prevent this type of delay moving forward.

Appreciate your help, as always.