[BUG] - Web app option to Unmerge actually deletes device

Wanted to let everyone know the Web app option to “Unmerge Device” actually DELETES a device entirely.
You will loose all historical data and native detection if you “Unmerge” a natively detected device.

Not sure who’s bright idea it was to rename “Delete Device” to “Unmerge Device” but they did.

Submitted ticket #260455 (10 days ago).

Took a bit of back and forth with Customer Service almost as if they were outsourced. But they finally understood the issue and alerted the Engineering team.
They have no ETA on how long it will take them to correct the issue but they will keep me updated over the next couple weeks.

Apparently changing one word on the web app (unmerge back to delete) is quite difficult to do.
So please be aware of this major issue while the sense engineers attempt to figure out how to correct this.

Same option displays for every single natively detected device. Again the word Delete has erroneously been replaced with the word Unmerge. The mobile app wording has not changed, delete is still called delete.

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Exactly my experience as described here
It deleted my device and it hasn’t show up again :frowning:

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