Device, “motor” running constantly, 5 minute break every hour since September!

We have had our sense for a while now. Previously, we were trying to find and fix an issue causing a huge increase in usage. Found out it was our geo and well having pump and water issues. That has sense been fixed all new pumps. Right now though and since seotember I have a “motor” running non-stop. It takes a 5-10 minute break every hour but it is always running. We have tried to narrow it down and have just eliminated so many things leaving us clueless… It is running around 409W always.

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That’s roughly a 1/2 horsepower motor. Wonder if you have a sump pump stuck on that keeps getting a thermal reset that accounts for the breaks.

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I did think of this but I guess I thought it runs via water… but I also have no clue!

This is some photos of what’s going on if it helps you help me:)

Why not try elimination process again.

Turn everything off in breaker except sense and whatever you need for internet.

Turn each breaker one at a time until unknown load shows up.

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