Pool Pump Detected - Accuracy Questioned Again

It appears my attempt to force my single speed Pool Pump native detection paid off.

Inserted a KP115 inline and using the KASA Scheduler App had it turn off and on many times per day for 2 weeks instead of a constant 8 hour run.

It was suggested in another thread that the constant long period running of the motor did not allow Sense enough data to develop a detection pattern.

Actually went back to continuous period 3 days ago and it was detected this morning.

However, there is now a difference in the KP115 reported wattage and the Sense detected wattage.

I suppose the KP115 might have overhead for itself, but then that would be true throughout house, in theory, giving a constant 500-1000 watt always on “other” detection which, as I’ve pointed out in additional threads, does not appear to be happening.

Can anyone explain the discrepancy before I combine these?

This gets more interesting. Look at the Power from the native detection of Sense and how it flatlines for the last 7.1 hours.

As mentioned in another thread, it seems that all the long motor detections tail out at the end after initial detection.

Now look at the difference from KP115

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