Spa Pump

hi, my first post. I am stumped. My Sense has detected lot of items, I am impressed. I get this motor 4 at 3:04 everyday, it runs for 30 ± 5 seconds. I am not at home at the time. on weekends I seem to miss it. Any suggestions? I have looked my house over and over and over for something on a timer, or that could be switched. it’s driving me insane!! motor%204

my first thought is that it could be a component of a device rather than a device itself. Do you have anything that runs on a timer that would use a motor to start up? The wattage seems about right for a heater.

If that is a motor (and Sense is pretty good at differentiating motors from other devices), it’s a big motor, likely on a dedicated circuit and a good chance that it’s running at 240 volts. You should be able to hear it from somewhere.

Some random ideas:
Sewage/septic pump? (though would think it would run on a float rather than a timer)
Some component of a pool or spa system that runs once a day?
AC compressor running on some sort of maintenance cycle, to prevent damage in a season of non-use?

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ok, my kids were off school yesterday and both were home, so, I got out of work early, set my alarm and waited! @luterra you are correct. it’s my spa. it goes into a 30-second high flow every 24 hours! you guys were both a lot of help. Thanks so much. I love my sense!