Device not on - Possible after-the-fact?

General background: Device detection has stalled again. Detected devices were being detected reliably. Microwave was being detected especially reliably.

Unfortunately, microwave was detected on last night when it certainly wasn’t.

I saw this later in the evening when reviewing the day. Don’t have alerts set up for the microwave since it was being detected so reliably.

Feature request: Allow us to mark device not on after-the-fact.

I hope this false detection did not arise because Sense data and machine learning is now being corrupted due to the pressure to learn too quick?


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Hi @bsu4phd -

Thanks for this great feature request, and definitely something that has been on our mind.

In the meantime, the information you submit through real-time “device is not on” clicks has been critically important for helping our data science team assess the quality of models, frequency of conflation issues, and even identify patterns of misidentification that can be remedied across the entire community, so please keep using the feature when you do catch a misfire in real time.

Thanks again for the suggestion!