"Device was not on" Option for Timeline

Sense has detected my Dryer, well at least the heating element of it, but sometimes it sees that signature for the heating element in my Dishwasher and states that the Dryer has turned on very briefly, for a few seconds or less, its not enough time for me to go into Report a Problem and hit “Device is not on”. If there was the option, perhaps via the timeline, I could say “Device was not on” which would hopefully help Sense learn and not falsely indicate that the Dryer turned on.

I’m having the same issue with my “Slow Cooker” detection, the Slow Cooker is used about once a month, but at least once a day, it triggers that it’s on, for a second or two, and again, not enough time for me to get to “Device is not on”.

Good point. Tricky implementation and UI.
Guessing Sense has pondered this one.

You could delete the device(s) and it will potentially be re-added with a better triggering but chances are you’ve got something in the house (as you know with the Dishwasher/Dryer) that generates a signal similar to the On signature that triggers periodically.