Option to report device will not be used for x minutes or hours


I wasn’t sure if this should go in Product Wishlist or Device dection but its a feature I wish for related to device detection. :smile:

I have a couple sense devices that show for more than one real device. Specifically, my Dryer heat shows up when I use my oven, and my Dryer motor shows up when I use my Garbage disposal. Neither my Oven nor my Garbage disposal have been detected yet and I suspect that’s because sense constantly shows them as componets of my Dryer. So why would it look for them to be anything different?

I’ve spent many occations standing at my stove or sink with my tablet by my side, using my oven or garbage disposal and quickly reporting “Device Not On” in sense as my dryer devices pop up. All while not running my Dryer at all during those times. However, historical usage within sense simply shows my Dryer on for seconds. The amount of time it took me to navigate to and report “Device Not On” So there never is simply a clean run within the “other” category of either my Oven or Garbage disposal.

I’ve also deleted my Dryer heat and motor hoping for a more accurate detection later, or possibly an oven or disposal detection to pre-empt the next Dryer detections but that hasn’t seemed to help either.

So what would be really nice is if I could go into the sense app prior to using my oven or disosal, and tell it that my Dryer heat or Dryer motor will not be turned on for the next [time frame] minutes, hours, etc. thus telling sense to, in effect, lock those devices out of activiation for that time period.

Would others see this as helpfull as well?

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