Has anyone had this happen?

So, my oven was detected early on and was pretty reliable on reporting when it came on and turned off. Not too long ago, I ran the self cleaning cycle on it, which ran for 4 hours. Sense has not detected it on since then, and doesn’t seem to have detected during the cleaning cycle. I also have an oven in the currently learning list, although I know that isn’t terribly accurate. I’m wondering if I should delete it and let it re-detect it?

ETA - well I spoke too soon. Seems like it has just gotten unpredictable as to whether Sense will know if the oven is on. I ran it earlier to heat up breakfast and it didn’t find it. But just now I turned it back on and it popped right up. Weird.

@Mcraeh, the signatures of different cycles appear slightly differently so it’s possible that Sense just didn’t recognize the cleaning cycle as the same device. I’d probably give it some more time before you consider deleting the device. If you’re confident that it’s acting wonky, our technical support team can take a closer look at the data (https://help.sense.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).