Improvement to the "this device is off" feature - "back dating"

I discovered that when Sense misidentifies a device it has detected as being on and the end user notices, the end user can tell the system the device is actually off. Great feature, yet it needs a slight improvement:

The end user should be able to review the events for a device that they have so flagged and tell the system which of the historic events they are able to review are not the device.

For instance, I ran my dryer over the weekend twice. At one time, I looked at the app and saw that it said my dryer was running, when it clearly wasn’t. So, I found the feature. Yet looking at the device’s entry, it now claims that my dryer has run for 4 times this week, not the 2 times I know it has. It would therefore be helpful in a number of ways if I could go and tell the system that the times it thought the dryer was running when it clearly (from my perspective) wasn’t that the system was in error and it was something else.


Thanks for the input. This is a great idea and would definitely be beneficial to our data science team. We’re actually already looking into some similar options.



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