Did Sense give up?

I think you read the Landis and Gyr stuff wrong. That means they have to get better at “mains only” detection because you can’t string a bunch of additional CTs off a utility meter.

Actually I don’t think it means that at all. Landis and Gyr work doesn’t really need the specific device detection part. It heads more towards integrations that allow controlling devices to let the utility company have more control (if permitted by the homeowner)

That’s how I read/understood what they are doing.

It is possible, of course, for utilities to monitor down to individual circuits (would require quite different meters and panels of course), but it’s hard to see any possible return on investment for such a solution.

It is also possible (actually fairly simple) to monitor individual circuits after the breakers…just need the devices previously mentioned…but of course that doesn’t get down to device level. The Kasa plugs already do get us to device level detection, but unfortunately becomes very costly (I have 177 active devices) and not for our largest (240 v) consumers.

The Sense vision (unfortunately turned out to be fantasy) was pretty exciting, too bad it just doesn’t work, particularly for many of our largest power draws.

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It would really help to break my negative outlook if Sense would discover something. Haven’d had a new discovery in many months.

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I have had a Sense for over 5 years. About once a year I have deleted all the devices and let Sense start over in the hopes that some new firmware update would do a better job at detecting devices. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. My “Other” category is always between 50% and 70% and my “Always On” category hangs around 20%. With most of my power usage in the unknown bucket, Sense is virtually worthless. Until they come up with a detection algorithm that actually works (e.g., the “Other” category gets to less than 10%), I think they are completely misrepresenting the product.