Discrepancy in power consumption between graph and 'bubble' NOW views

My baseboard dual heater device (which I previously though was 2KW) correctly shows about 4KW in the bubble view, but is labeled around 2KW in the graph view, but appears to drop the label halfway up the 4KW rising edge. Only the orange ‘ON’ power and the ‘OFF’ power labels are incorrect (but may be correct where they are placed, they are just not at the peak). This is a dual heater (2250W+1800W) using a single thermostat, but the graph shows a slight difference in the ON and OFF points for the two units. The power labels are dropped at the shelf where the second unit kicks in, not at its peak to reflect the total power of the two devices. It is the 2250W device which kicks in first and shuts off first, apparently. In summary, the power displayed at the base of the graph and in the bubble of the device are both correct, it is only the label power value and placement on the graph which are incorrect.

Thanks for sending this in, @brian_3d.

By any chance would you have some screenshots that I could add to the bug report?


The power level was 562W when the 4KW dual baseboard heater switched on, shown in the bubble as 4165W, and on the graph as 2112W at the ‘shelf’ on the way to the peak power. It appears to be the larger of the two units connected to the single thermostat, which I’ve determined to be 2250W and 1800W. So it appears the bubble view is picking up on the fact they are connected as a single unit, while the graph view labels only the transition point since there is a slight difference in when they kick in, but fails to label the power when it peaks once both units are drawing.

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Thanks @brian_3d - this is really helpful. Sorry for the troubles!

Has anyone experienced this on Android?

This discrepancy does not occur on iOS only. The web application on my PC also displays just over 4KW for the Baseboard Dual Heater device. I still believe that is correct, but I’m confused by what I see on the graph on my iPad, because the labeled 2KW also looks correct.

Ok, thanks @brian_3d - I’ll let you know when we know more.

Sorry for the troubles!

This shot grabbed from the web app shows the Baseboard dual heater at 2KW after showing 4KW just moments before. I watched as it dumped the other 2KW into ‘Other,’ which looks like the same behavior the graph (from iOS) shows when it drops the 2KW label on the ‘shelf’ and calls it Baseboard dual heater on the waveform’s rise to 4KW. I believe it is the slight delay (which causes the shelf) when the two baseboard units are activated (as simultaneously as the thermostat can make them) which is tripping up the model sometimes. This issue could well go away if I replace the aging thermostat (with considerable accumulation of crud inside it). It is on my list.

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