Display dollar amounts to the penny

Maybe I would be the only one interested in this, but i think I would like to see sense show the $ amounts to the nearest penny. I suspect sense is pretty darn close to a utility meter. Plus it would be neat to see my pennies rolling as i generate solar power… :slight_smile:

For example, here is my bill usage for the billing period vs what sens shows for the billing period, wonder if sense displayed to the penny how close it would be… I do understand that sense is not built to base any billing off of…

Screenshot from 2020-01-29 18-14-05
Screenshot from 2020-01-29 18-19-25

Screenshot from 2020-01-29 18-09-37

sense rounded up the dollar but not the kWh, my utility rounded up the kWh but not the dollar… lol OCD bothering me…