Does a power conditioner help sense?

We are going to be installing solar (we’ll have to upgrade to sense solar…)

The installers are also recommending adding a power conditioner to ‘clean up’ the power.
(there are claims it saves you money… some of them are disputable and not what we are buying it for… cleaning up the ‘wave form’ is really what these things do well). (the video on this page is quite good…)
Electricity Saving Box Scam Revealed | (disputes savings vs explains cleanup)

The question is, will the conditioner help ‘sense’ get cleaner readings or will it effect sense negatively?

I wouldn’t count on it to clean up your Sense readings. Depending on how they implement the surge protection and voltage regulation, it’s more likely to distort what Sense is seeing. Sense uses features like phase to detect specific devices. Phase correction is last thing you want.

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