Does anyone here know how to completely start over?

I have had Sense for nearly one year. I fell as if customer service is nothing more than an e-mail bot; they have been nothing more than insulting and a waste of time. A complete loss of integrity. In the entire time, I had one entity that was correct AND consistent, the coffee maker. I used that to notify me when the coffee was done brewing; Unfortunately, a month ago it needed replacement. Now it is random, I have had a few times when it was detected, but the majority of the time it is detected as the dryer element. When the dryer is on, it is detected as either dryer or stove. Those detections are interchangeable, and have several unverifiable names… Heat 1-5 Unknowns, and Stove 1-3 Note, I have gas heat in the Winter!, As far as I can tell, my air-conditioners are still other. My electric Smoker (Food) is either coffee, dryer, or stove.
For so very long, nothing but coffee and microwave was remotely correct, and now with the new coffee pot, everything is unreliable.

So, I reach out to the community, as everyone here was helpful when I first started.
How do I delete ALL data and completely start over. I have hope that that would cause re-identification this might be closer to reality. Shy of that, I am considering turning it off and seeking alternatives.



I would change the position of the sensors at the electrical panel first then on the app go to settings -My Home -Monitor select Reset Data. Also, fill out the Device Inventory under the Home Details.
As far as detecting devices the Sense monitor is getting worse. I have several devices that where discovered correctly in the past but now the app will name it something else when it starts. I removed my AC and water heater because of that. The 240 Volt water heater was my AC in the winter when it turned on to heat the water. Don’t know many people in the northern states that runs the AC in the winter.


I agree. Not to complain or be negative, but I’ve had Sense for a year and a half and detection has gotten a lot worse. Previously discovered devices now do not get detected and my fridge and freezer get lumped into other. Other times, devices are confused. I have a support ticket open. They’re helpful and tweak the models but its a slow process.

I only care about my aggregate usage so it’s fine. In the beginning, detection actually worked better than I expected. I just don’t want to see it go backwards.

I don’t want to start over and lose all my data.

Is this being addressed? Are engineers and data scientists aware of this / is it a larger scale issue?


The feed is coming in as straight as an arrow directly downward. The only thing to possibly change would be the direction. I have taken the time to do the survey, but with no avail, nothing is matched. I think I am up to heating element 7 now… I am beginning to believe that it is attempting to detect every possibility of the stove top elements lol. its getting close to where I just scrap the whole thing since it no longer detects anything useful.

In my mind, you have a couple options. You can:

  • Delete all of the questionable devices in the Device tab.
  • Or do a Data Reset of the monitor. The Data Reset is more drastic, but capable of erasing bad data history.

Not sure if either will solve your issue. Ultimately, detections (good or problematic) are a function of the Sense algorithms interacting with the accumulated on/off transition data. A few potential causes for issues - Devices that:

  • don’t fit the Sense on/off model
  • have multiple on/off operating levels (a stove burner that has high, medium, low and simmer looks like 4 devices).
  • are very similar - they all might look like one device to Sense
  • drift in power usage over time. For instance, a fan that gets dirty or an compressor that slowly looses refrigerant over time will look different to Sense.