Does Anyone Understand California PG&E Billing Cycles?

Any California PG&E customers out there?

I want to set my billing cycles in Sense, but I have no clue how PG&E determines it’s billing cycle…

It doesn’t seem to be based on a calendar day (e.g., the 4th of every month)… It doesn’t seem to be a set number of billing days (e.g., every 30 days)… It seems to be almost completely random and fluctuates often…

I assume a computer is generating the bills, right? So there’s got to be some logical computer-based logic being applied to bill generation and the billing close date, right?

I see a similar lack of a pattern in my PG&E billing periods. The length ranges anywhere from 28 days to 33 days, without any seeming attachment to day in the week. For my billing calculations in R, I was forced to read in a table of fast dates (and guess the next ending date) vs using an algorithm. Does anyone see a pattern in my billing periods since 2017 ?

Bill To Date (end of billing), colorized by month

Billing Period Length, colorized by month of ending day

There might be a slight hint in that the spread in end dates and length of billing period have a spread of 6 days.

Looks like they try to avoid having the end of billing on a weekend, but not completely

Bill To Date day of the week, colorized by month

Any thoughts ??