Does Sense retrospectively fit models, or is it prospective?


We recently had our insinkerator garbage disposal fail - which was probably the second thing Sense picked up long ago - extremely reliably. I replaced it last weekend (with a different brand and hp - Moen) and deleted the old device.

Within a few days, a disposal was picked up again, but it’s not being triggered when we use the new disposal… Making me think that it retrofit a model to the old one, which has a different curve. Alternatively, the model for the Moen isn’t well developed I guess?

We’re also are replacing our old dishwasher this week, which Sense had more or less found. I’m curious to see how the new one is picked up in the coming weeks.

So the question is, does Sense mine old data or does it just consider time x forward? Should I delete the new disposal which isn’t getting recognized?


Hey Nick,

You’re right – it’s probably relearning your old one based on old data! We don’t distinguish in the app between the case where you delete a device because the model is wrong (so, we should try again) vs deleting a device because you no longer have it (so we should not relearn it).

I’ll let our product team know so we can think about how we can better handle this in the future!

By the way, your new one should be found after there is enough data for it (the existence of the old one shouldn’t interfere with the new model).


Let me know what Alex thinks. I sent him an email, but he was still sifting through my static issue (since resolved).


Hey Nick, sorry for the delay. I know you’ve been corresponding with Alex as well but are there still any open questions regarding this?


I guess it remains to be seen :slight_smile: I deleted the most recent device, as it hadn’t detected the garbage disposal in over a week. Waiting to see if it comes back or not.

Like I told Alex, I’m not too worried - I’m pretty confident I can tell when my garbage disposal is on :wink:

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