Does spike buster/ power strip make it difficult for sense device discovery?

Its been more that a week since I installed sense and only microwave and fridge are discovered, I have my kenmore washer and gas dryer hooked on a power strip I am wondering if that makes it difficult for sense to discover it.
I have a RUDD air conditioner which is not discover yet too.
Power meter is a great tool, now I am looking for only energy efficient appliances :grinning:

Happy to be here…

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Welcome to Sense and this community, Vishal! I have been using Sense for a year, and Sense did discover devices such as my washer, dryer, and air conditioner. They were detected one or two at a time over many months, so please be patient!

No, a power strip will not affect Sense device discovery. There is a more complicated device called uninterruptible power supply (often abbreviated UPS) which does interfere, but that is because it has a battery which keeps things running for a while after electricity is removed. Traditional power strips, even those with surge protectors, do not cause any difficulty for Sense. Surge protectors are great if lightning affects the home’s electricity, so please continue using them!


Be interesting to have the Sense folk comment on this one… @JustinAtSense?

I would have expected the potential interference with detection to depend upon the UPS type, with standby UPS systems not being an issue, interactive UPS systems being difficult, and conversion/regeneration UPS systems being impossible.