Does the sense web app support digest auth

Hi, I do a lot of things with my Home Automation (HA) project and I like the meter display via the web app. I would like to have it as a part of my HA control pages.

I can’t get it to work and wondering if there is a way to integrate it. Is digest auth supported? In other words should this work?

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It works fine in my home assistant…

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I kind of gave up on this but still interested in my original question - my HA software does not support .yaml

is this supported

I cannot get it to work?

Does anyone know the answer to my question?

Pardon the delay. That will not work. I’d recommend checking out the Data Analysis forum.

Thanks Ryan, I’m trying to find a simple way via python (or logging in to display the graph via digest auth. – but you mentioned that does not work).

I have looked around in the Data Analysis forum but not having any luck finding anything that does not require a CS degree to implement. Hard to believe no one has a plug and play python script to pull in some data or display a graph :frowning:

I’ll check again!

I believe there is one on Github
Read about on first link
Download second link

Thanks I did come across that but I is a bit beyond my capability to get it to work within a script - I do have a nice system running a lot of stuff in my home but migrating that to something I can run as a script is out of my league.

Would love to set up some sense info on one of my control pages but w/o some help it will be impossible. Picture of one of my control pages below!!


Nice control page. What are you using to create this?

Thanks, Indigo HA SW and Infinity Designer for developing the graphics. If you touch various elements other pages surface. Easy to do!

Works great on fire tablets too!!!


Thanks for sharing, very nice. I looked at Indigo when I was looking for my HA System. I ended up going with Homeseer.

I was a 20 + year homeseer user before I switched to Indigo (heck I still have an active homeseer V3 license.) I like indigo better but homeseer has more integration options…

I can’t really comment on an unofficial API, but you can likely figure out how to utilize what @samwooly1 posted with a bit of effort (and a lot of Googling). I had very little experience in this sort of thing, but was able to get some python scripts working with other APIs without too much hassle.

Someone here might be able to lend a hand (paging @kevin1, kevin1 to Data Analysis :nerd_face:)

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I also thought @frankwin.hooglander would know as home automation is his thing and he has a blog about it.

I have a friend (who is a super programmer) looking into it for me - he is busy but in a few weeks if he develops anything I’ll post it in the DA section (with his permission). Thanks for the help with this!

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