API for data access

Hi, I have several sense units in different houses. I would like to access data power readings. Is there an API where i can get daily total numbers by account?

I am teaching a chemical engineering class at Penn State and want to use data to get students to think about sizing systems, variation etc.

Any suggestions appreciated.

There’s a Python-based API here on GitHub. It’s not supported by Sense formally (hence an informal API), but Sense has done a pretty good job of supporting the coders who developed it.

And if you don’t want to dip deep in to coding, you can use this open-source project, Home Assistant. It has an off-the-shelf Sense Integration that connect to multiple Sense accounts, along with hundreds of other home automation integrations, to enable incredible data collection, analysis and automation.

One of my favorite thins to do is to combine data from Sense and Ecobees to check correct operation of my heating system. Top data from Sense, bottom from Ecobee.

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This is genius! Thanks for sharing and added to the list of projects. Now if only I can get my sense to work!