I’d been bothered by a transformer buzz for a week or two–could be the fish tank pump, could be the UV light for the water… but it got louder and more annoying. Then noticed that Always On had gone up about 15W. Finally looked up, and there’s the doorbell box above where the buzz is loudest. A screwdriver and Sense confirmed it was stuck on and pulling 17W. I’m happy and the buzz is gone.


Great catch. Not a lot of watts but it all counts … and especially when it comes with some bels.

I’ve been waiting for a brave soul to take their Sense device waveforms and mux them to an orchestra. There are so many possibilities people, and I would totally listen to that!

“Oh, oh, you hear that? The violin section is straining, I think the fridge compressor might be failing. Bass drums, using too much hot water again.”