Dryer vs Hot water and One Leg



A few days ago Sense Detected one Leg of my Electric Hot Water Heater (the other leg power draw was under other). I figured the other leg would be detected later on and I would simply merge them. However the next day when I turned on my Electric Clothes Dryer…the Hot water bubble (one leg) popped up.

Originally when I thought it was detecting hot water, I labeled it as such, even though Sense felt it was the clothes dryer (91% confidence). So, I changed the name to DRYER.

If I turn on both appliances at the same time to try and see what Sense will do with the data. It seems to favor the Electric Clothes Dryer (still one leg). But whichever device turns on Sense detects one leg of its power (the other leg is in other). Hot water turns on 1-3 times a day for 20 min (on timer). the clothes dryer is only really used on weekends.

Is this a scenario where I need to simply wait it out for Sense to figure these out? or should I set up a ticket with Support?


Sense will eventually figure it out. However, you may be waiting a long time. It took Sense a year to reliably detect the other leg of my water heater.


Ok. Good too know. Thank you. In the meantime I changed the name of the device to “Dryer or Water Heater leg”. and told the Sense app that “this is a guess.” Maybe it will allow sense to keep looking at the device rather than settling.