Electrical Bonding

  1. I have a generator, the generator panel (automatic transfers switch) is bonded and so is my circuit breaker panel.

  2. Additionally, the wires for each circuit in the panel, the neutral and ground are bonded together

How will this affect sense?
Will it affect device detection?

Thanks in advance

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Afaik it is against code (NEC & local)

Only 1 bonding spot allowed at any given installation.


Thanks, That I already knew.

I’m trying to figure out if this affects the sense at all.
Especially in device detecting

A generator has an internal resistance based on kW of the generator.
The grid is this huge unmovable thing.
Freq, inductance, everything is variable at a generator.
I doubt if sense will work reliable with any generator.
I would say bonding is the least of your problems

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While it is true that a ‘system’ can only only be bonded once what defines a system is a bit complicated.

A generator can be bonded, it mainly depends on if it is a ‘Separately Derived System’.
If the transfer switch only disconnects the phase/load side it is a ‘singular system’. If the transfer switch also disconnects the ‘Neutral’ it is a ‘Separately Derived System’.

In some instances a a generator can be bonded, in some instances a bonding jumper (to main bonding point) can be used, in some a generator must have it’s own ground (rod).
It’s quite tricky as there are a few variables that come into play, which I wont speculate on or get into. Disclaimer: Consult with a licensed electrician or inspector.

I can’t find anything specifically regarding how mixed generator/utility service or off grid generator service would effect detection, I did find that Sense can be used with an entirely off grid application such as solar or wind.

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Imo if sense is used with off grid solar system, the supply side is always the same. But based on load on inverter, when things switch on/off sense will detect devices not as accurate as with an idle inverter.
In this particular case the question is between detecting devices on the grid vs detecting a generator and imo those things are completely incompatible.
The starting surges of eg an inductive device (eg motor of AC) on a genset will be really different from the grid(or off grid inverter for this matter)

But in our case the main cb panel is bonded, each circuit the grounds and neutral wires are bonded together, and the generator transfer switch is also bonded

Will this cause sense issues? Detection ect… I have lost items that were previously detected.

Thanks in advance.

The basic answer to the question is no. Neutral/ground bonding will have no effect on Sense device detection or power measurement.