Enphase Enlighten and Sense Solar

I recently got Solar installed and was considering using Sense to monitor Solar production along with consumption. My inverter company, Enphase, has a product called Envoy and Enlighten that allow production and consumption monitoring (I think the consumption monitoring isn’t as detailed as Sense).

Was there one or another that you all liked? Also, is there any Integration between Sense and Enphase?

I have Sense solar, but have a SolarEdge inverter and my monitoring is via Tesla app. I find the Tesla app which uses the SolarEdge monitoring to be about 3% optimistic in production vs. Sense, while the Sense net is spot on with my PG&E utility net meter.

I helped @Ray13 chart his Enphase vs. Sense vs. utility data here and the Enphase was actually pessimistic compared to Sense and his utility, CMP. Sense was pretty much spot-on compared to the utility.

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My enphase system production is always higher then sense by about 2 - 5 %. My Enphase numbers are closer to my utility than sense.

It’s been discussed a few times on the forum and i think it’s just the way it is.

I also have Enphase, but due to the way things are wired I cannot use my Sense monitor to measure solar production. The enphase has a local web API to get current Solar production data, is there any way that sense could use this for Solar production? The Enphase makes json data available via http.

curl http://envoy.lan/production.json {"production":[{"type":"inverters","activeCount":32,"readingTime":1613230926,"wNow":1268,"whLifetime":10435637},{"type":"eim","activeCount":1,"measurementType":"production","readingTime":1613231398,"wNow":1705.289,"whLifetime":10163410.794,"varhLeadLifetime":0.0,"varhLagLifetime":7612885.542,"vahLifetime":15760384.071,"rmsCurrent":14.793,"rmsVoltage":247.113,"reactPwr":658.435,"apprntPwr":1827.717,"pwrFactor":0.94,"whToday":2662.794,"whLastSevenDays":36836.794,"vahToday":8490.071,"varhLeadToday":0.0,"varhLagToday":6973.542}],"consumption":[{"type":"eim","activeCount":1,"measurementType":"total-consumption","readingTime":1613231398,"wNow":1294.761,"whLifetime":17323053.407,"varhLeadLifetime":700911.457,"varhLagLifetime":987584.776,"vahLifetime":17861286.697,"rmsCurrent":10.893,"rmsVoltage":246.973,"reactPwr":208.263,"apprntPwr":1344.399,"pwrFactor":0.96,"whToday":10296.407,"whLastSevenDays":270669.407,"vahToday":10803.697,"varhLeadToday":177.457,"varhLagToday":842.776},{"type":"eim","activeCount":1,"measurementType":"net-consumption","readingTime":1613231398,"wNow":-410.528,"whLifetime":0.0,"varhLeadLifetime":700911.457,"varhLagLifetime":-6625300.766,"vahLifetime":17861286.697,"rmsCurrent":3.9,"rmsVoltage":247.043,"reactPwr":866.698,"apprntPwr":963.411,"pwrFactor":-0.43,"whToday":0,"whLastSevenDays":0,"vahToday":0,"varhLeadToday":0,"varhLagToday":0}],"storage":[{"type":"acb","activeCount":0,"readingTime":0,"wNow":0,"whNow":0,"state":"idle"}]}Bills-MBP-4:tmp bnesheim

I should have probably been more clear. If just measuring solar production, Enphase was generally 3% higher than Sense. But that added production on the Solar side, by Enphase, leads to a lower net usage, than both the utility and Sense. So similar outcome if you were talking about solar production alone.

Here are my January 2021 numbers from Enphase and Sense. The Enphase numbers come from the Power Meter inside the Enphase Envoy (Combiner box). If I use numbers from the microinverters I get 1,195.82 kWh which is higher because it hasn’t run through all the wire on the roof to the Combiner box. I produce my numbers using the Power Meter Output report from Enlighten Manager web portal.

Enphase Production: 1154.18 kWh
Enphase Consumption: 904.04 kWh

Sense Production: 1152.08 kWh
Sense Consumption: 908.85 kWh