Error when accessing Sense Labs (iOS)

Hi folks, I’m running the latest version of the Sense app on my iPhone and when I visit the Labs section, it throws the following error. Just wanted to send a report. —michael

Screenshots from Sense Lab

Hi @regoli - have you already attempted to hard reset the app (quit out and reopen?)
Can you also share whether your on iOS/Android and the version of Sense you’re running?

Hi Justin, thanks for this. I’m running Sense app for iOS version 33.2-d996f261, build 1504. And yes, I’ve completely quit the Sense app and relaunched only to see the same error pop up. It doesn’t happen every time, but I wanted to report it. The “labs” portion of the app is behaving properly right now and is not giving me the error. I’m happy to report it again if it resurfaces. Thanks again! —Michael

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Thanks for sharing @regoli.

If this happens again, reporting to Support would be the best route.