Every 30 Min Or So

I’ve got this peak in wattage just about every 30 min or so, seems to average around 500-600 watts.

Seems to last only 1 sec so I’m really not sure what it could be

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Short spikes like that tend to occur at the startup of an inductive device, typically a motor. For a short period of time, until the motor coils are energized, an AC motor looks like a short circuit and a high inrush current surges. But the current spike falls off almost immediately dropping back to a steady state after a second or so. The elevated power region that follows is likely the motor actually running,

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Any thoughts on what it could be on such a regular basis?

Looks like a 60W motor that comes on every half hour or so for around 10 minutes. Maybe a fridge ? Take a look at other fridges here: