Failure to identify and report failing refrigerator

Went down to the basement to the spare fridge this morning to find everything lost as it appears the condenser failed. Reviewed the attached device history and it appears there were some indicators late last week that the device wasn’t operating normally and then went off line all together Thursday or Friday.

I was under the impression that I would get an alert from sense when things were operating suboptimal but we received no such notice.

Sadly having to throw away $500+ dollars worth of food which could have been saved IF there was a heads up.

Hi @mtuttelman, welcome back to the forum! I’m sorry to hear that your spare fridge died and took so much good food with it. That is a bummer!

It is possible to manually set up Sense to issue an alert for situations like yours. I have set up such notifications for both my Kitchen fridge and the basement freezer. I know it won’t bring your food back, but you can create the alert by going to the Manage tab of the device page, then under Custom Notifications, choose Add and put something like “OFF for 6 hours.”


Thanks Jeff

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