Sense saved my Freezer


I am having some drywall work done in my basement, and Sense alerted me that my chest freezer had not run for a couple hours. I went downstairs to check it out, and I found that the contractors had unplugged the chest freezer, presumably to access the wall behind it, and had never plugged it back in. All of my stuff was frosty, but
everything was still solid.

I would never have thought to check that the freezer was unplugged without the alert from Sense.


So how did sense alert you? Is there a setting for this I have missed somewhere?


You can set custom alerts for a device. From device, settings,and the manage tab.


These are the alert settings I have on my freezer


Setting up the Off notification right got now. Great call…


Jdkarien – I’m a new user of Sense - finally broke down when it went on sale recently -
I’m still in the learning mode and do not have any devices yet - still the first 24 hours - -

Is it easy to find the alert settings? This look like a great alert to have -
Though I would move the 'length of time on ’ down to 1 hour. That could mean the door was left open for instance. The Off ‘length of time’ is a great setting though.

I know that I will want to set that for my Freezer and Fridge. I’m also hoping I can tell the difference between the Fridge in the Garage and the one in the Kitchen.

If I have any trouble with see that, I’ll be sure to post here in the community.



Thank you! Until now I never thought about “off” alerts; just the “on” version I just set “off” alerts for two refrigerators. Now if only Sense would detect my basement upright freezer …