Feature request for automatic scale adjustment on graphs

When I look at usage graphs for a device that uses little in any given hour (but not zero), the graph is nearly useless. It does show tiny green bars, but the vertical scale is not adjusted, at least not to less than 1 kWh max, making it impossible to look at the tiny green bar and “read” the value. Hovering over it does not help either because the kWh number is rounded to one decimal, which for such small values is often 0.0 kWh.

So the request is really two-fold:

  1. Automatically adjust the vertical scale so that the maximum bar in the graph will reach at least 75% of full scale (leaves room to choose “nice” numbers on the vertical)
  2. Dynamically determine the number of decimals for small values on the hovers, so that something meaningful can be displayed even for small values.

The attached screenshot is from the desktop UI, but the mobile UI has the same problem. The screenshot illustrates both issues.


I have noticed this also. Data exported through the web app does include higher resolution, so the source data is available. The issue is just one of displaying that information meaningfully on the screen. As such, I agree that the interface could use some improvement.

The idea you outline for vertical scale dynamically adjusted to about 75% of maximum would be perfect. That requires a good bit of coding, however. An interim fix might be to always use three decimals on data at the cursor. That way we could at least see the value when hovering, even if the graph continued to display unhelpful pictures as shown in your image.

Agree, it looks there is some auto-ranging right now, but the minimum full range is 1kWh.