Five Things to Know About 'Other'

Five things to know about Other:

  1. It’s not the sum - of all the usage of all the devices that Sense “sees” but hasn’t identified. Other is calculated as leftover usage, by subtracting the usage of all detected devices and Always On from Total Usage. To put it into an equation, Other = Total Usage - sum(Identified Devices turned on) - Always On.

  2. Other is a special Device - like Always On. Since it is a calculated leftover value, Sense doesn’t calculate statistics for it, there is no Device Power Meter for it, and it can’t be renamed (as users sometimes request).

  3. The Other bubble can entirely disappear in some situations. When it disappears that generally means the “leftover result” from the subtraction has gone negative. That can happen if your Always On is artificially large, or if an identified device is stuck On from a Sense perspective (typically when Sense has missed an Off-transition).

  4. It once was Unknown - In the early Sense days, the Other bubble used to be called Unknown.

  5. You can make Other smaller - There are methodologies to reduce the Other bubble. My approach is outlined here.

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Thanks, Kevin helpful as always! :+1:

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