Force Firmware Update on Older Unit

I have an older unit (Serial M642000325) from my brother in law that was never installed on firmware v0.9.1209.

I installed in my panel and have it set up.

Is there any way to force a firmware update?

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Has that unit been disconnected for some time? It’s certainly way behind. Firmware is now at 1.9.1768.

I’d expect that the next time there is a firmware push you’ll get the latest version, however I have known firmware update pushes on other systems where if a unit is not at a certain minimum standard it won’t accept an update to the latest. I recommend you e-mail and tell them your situation.

They are likely to have a process for catching up units that have missed updates.

I hope that helps.


Looks like it just updated to v1.9.1768. TY

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