Fridge control board failure

I have a Maytag 3 door fridge which I bought from a scratch and dent store in 2007 that sense actually found the:
-Evap fan (inside)
-cooling fan (outside)
-door lights
-ice maker (auger)
-water solenoid
-defrost element.

My wife called me around 10am and complained that the water dispenser and ice maker stopped working. Around noon she called back and said she didn’t think it was still cooling. I was still at work, but I opened the sense app and noticed the fridge compressor said it was on. I opened the meter for this device and it was obvious the last 2 cycles were different. But somehow sense recognized the compressor.

When I got home the evaporator was froze over I turn the breaker off and got all the ice off it. Then when I went to turn the breaker back in, the display would only flash and the flap in the ice machine kept resetting…. I tested the leads going to evaporator fan and it has 72vac on it… and it’s not variable speed. Meaning a bad capacitor(s) somewhere. I found the control board and found 2 that are swollen.

Hoping that my local radio shack has these in stock.

Even though I’m going to fix this one. I ended up buying a new LG 3 door fridge (LFXS26973D ) that was in stock and on sale. I also added a Kasa plug to the new fridge.

Sense didn’t alert me that something was wrong but obviously I was able to tell by checking it through the app.