Fridge run time

@mpacker99 the second fridge identified is actually 122w ave with 40m run cycles… I suspect that’s my actual 2010-ish kitchen unit. Oddly the chest freezer in the garage and the dehumidifier in the basement only account for one other unit…once more leaving me wanting for a training capability so I could simply TELL sense what things are.

I have a 7 yr old Kenmore 20 cu ft top freezer that averages 107W and 9.5 mins (actually on 10, off 20 each 30 mins)
Also a 20 yr old Kenmore side by side that averages 140W and 17 min run time (actually on 15, off 13 each 28 mins)
Both above number sets in parens were taken during a time where nobody was home for 24 hrs prior and the averages were from Sense.

GE French Door

Average consumption 104 watts
Average run time 33m 40s
Average time between cycles 33min

Hi All,

If possible, can people who have posted look to see if they can find the average time between cycles? For instance, that Sub zero that only runs for 5 minutes. How often is it running for only 5 minutes? Just trying to get be able to compare apples to apples as just the average consumption and average run time doesn’t mean much without knowing how often its pulling the power.

I checked my data from last night when nobody was up and mine looks to be 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, pulling 206 watts. Mine is a GE (about 16-17 years old)

added time between cycles

Mid 1980s, standard freezer on top refrigerator

  • Avg consumption 216 watts
  • Avg run time 26m
  • Average time between cycles 20m

2012ish, side by side

  • Avg consumption 132 watts
  • Avg run time 31m
  • Average time between cycles 30m

I have a 21 cubic feet whirlpool 2011, average consumption 234 watts and average run time 20m 50s

I have a GE Profile also:
Avg Consumption = 105 watts
Avg run time 25m 25s

Mine is 127w and 32m averages

Samsung French door, bottom freezer 2016 model. 60ish watts, 20-30min on, 20-30min off.

Sense found a 64W pattern which I can hear running, many times a day so I think it’s compressor. This is named Fridge.
Sense also found a 364W pattern, runs every few weeks. Sense suggests fridge so I named Fridge 2, without confirming. If it’s resistive heat for defrost, I can’t hear.
Both have startup spike on Power Meter graphs.
11.6A is on nameplate. No 1000+W pattern found over 2+years.
Is it crazy to think my compressor runs at 64W?
If 64+364W is all it needs; I should be able to run fridge using a 500W inverter from car. This seems way under powered. What size inverter should I use for 3-4 day power outage?

Take a look at the fridges here and judge for yourself.
64W seems a little low.

Around 64W is confirmed by 3 meters: car inverter (60W), Sense (Fridge 64W), Kasa app (70W).
Kevin, thanks for link to devices. I didn’t see when I searched. Those device posts show a compressor startup spike 1200-1700W but Sense doesn’t pick up mine. My Sense shows around 90W for spike, then 64W tail for several cycles a day. I’ll post there later for info only; Q&A isn’t allowed there.

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Kevin1, where’s the best place to post 2 questions:
Jon H’s from detection post
mine about inverter sizing

My 2c - Jon H’s question is in the right place, attached to the correct device in the Community Device Library. @JustinAtSense, we should probably revisit the automatic closure of comments when new entries are added. We originally had that protection to protect against long rambling off topic threads, but we can probably moderate and allow on-topic stuff like Jon’s question.

As fo the inverter question - there are plenty of threads asking about sizing of generators, etc., but yours is more specific, so I would open a new topic under Tech Questions for that…

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Considering volume is low, I’ll think about the best way to do this. I might just require approvals for new comments to ensure everything in the subcategory stays relevant to the origin post.


My LG averages 72 W when running (3 W idle) and runs for about 20-25 minutes per hour. I think the run time increases in warm weather, will have to see when summer comes. The LG has an “inverter linear compressor” which is claimed to be more energy efficient. Sense hasn’t detected it (yet), and I have little hope it will. The Sense system was installed in the middle of November.

(The little blips every ~5 minutes are my home alarm testing/charging the backup 12V battery).

I think @demiller9 and I may have the same, or at least similar, fridges. My LG fridge on top, freezer on bottom, “Linear compressor” runs for 28 minutes, then off for 21, and the process repeats. It has an idle of 4w, probably to power the wifi and a couple lights on the front of it. I rarely see it peak above 80w, almost always peak is 79w.

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I have whirlpool double door W8TXNGMWQ01 in garage not fully loaded. And it turns on every hour for about 13 mins. This is pretty accurate as I can hear noise.
It uses about 113W throughout and goes to 100W or so right before it stops.

11A on nameplate is really misleading. I’d expect 11A load during 1st day but to maintain temp; Sense + smart plug HS110 shows much less & a small inverter can power it during outage.

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