Garage Door Status (Open/Closed)

Here is a product from Sears that monitors door status from inside the house.
Two piece install: transmitter on the door, which when closed is off, but when open - the case is flipped 90 degrees and a little mercury switch closes so the transmitter signal turns the inside house monitor LED from green to red.

Craftsman Wireless Garage Door Monitor 953696

Maybe solves a problem for some.

So I’m out of town. Notification arrives from sense that my lower garage door opens the first day I’m gone. I check myq app and it’s not been opened. Turns out sense is just really that bad at doing what it’s supposed to do and this idea should never see the light of day.

I’m really bummed out at my door openers not being detected. Had Sense installed for over six months without detection and decided to replace both garage doors. I had to decide on installing new openers or not. I knew the newer ones use a D/C rather than an A/C motor and aren not detected. So I opted to keep my 19 year old A/C openers but spent a couple hundred bucks and a couple days work replacing all the remotes, controls, wiring and safety eyes hoping for detection. After a month of operating heavily, still not detected.
I did the factory reset hoping I’ll get them this time along with other devices that I thought should be detected but had not been.
Still waiting. Bummer

I have 3 garage door openers and none have been detected.

I was having problems with one of my doors reversing and staying open. It wouldn’t happen all the time and I suspect it was due to the angle of the sun and the positioning of the safety eyes…tried to fix it but nothing worked. This was happening in a vacation rental and it didn’t matter what I did or how many notes I left people would leave it open…not deliberately but they’d not watch it close all the way! The openers were Marantec and they worked fine so I don’t want to go to the time/expense of replacing them. Instead, I went with this device.

Now I can close it remotely!

As for the detection of my openers…I’ll give Sense some “more time” :slight_smile: