Go Home Sense, You're Drunk - Continuing Confusion


I’d love some help trying to sort out overall confusion that continues to plague my installation. Sense has identified several things in my house for quite some time and then starts assigning a new energy profile to an existing device.

Four examples of weirdness that has happened in the past two days:

  1. Crock pot being lumped into the existing entryway chandelier device.
  2. Other crock pot being lumped into an existing bedroom light.
  3. Yet another crock pot (side note, yes, much meat is about to be awesome around here) being shown as unknown, but then sometimes lumped into other devices.
  4. My power washer sometimes identified properly, sometimes shown as vacuum (central vac). Yesterday when it was being used, it was showing as vacuum. Today, it is showing as pressure washer while something else entirely (NOT the vacuum) is being identified as the vacuum. I can only assume it is a lump of the crock pots because there isn’t anything else in the house at that wattage going on right now.

It’s kinda driving me crazy. And it calls into question every single device that has been identified.

Sense has been running in my house since November of 2016.

Thanks for any pointers! Deleting the confused devices would be frustrating given the history they have.



Accuracy and any possible usefulness has gone to shit in the last few weeks

Multiple problems including what you are seeing… device power usage ‘bundled’, incorrectly, into previously properly detected/identified devices.

Things like…

HVAC sometimes, not always, shown as Spa Pump
HVAC shows as 4309w instead of the normal 2866w
AC Fan shows as coming on for 5 seconds and then off… when it is still on.


Nothing should have changed in the past few weeks to cause sudden device detection issues. This is the first I’ve heard of reports like this. Let me email a few of our engineers and see if I can learn anything.


I have a slightly different manifestation: The Dryer, Stove, Oven, and Toaster Oven (all but the Stove are identified) get confused by Sense. I’m ok waiting for it to be sorted out, but is that the right strategy?


I really do like sense; but not for device detection, it really does not work very well though I appreciate the attempts. Maybe some time in th future. The over all view of electric usage and power meter is great along with solar. I’ve pretty much given up on the devices, very few are accurate.