Google assistant commands

I have been playing around with Google assistant and ‘Ask sense’ works well but could use some expansion.

First, after every command sense “leaves the conversation” would be nice if it asked if I needed anything else. So I wouldn’t have to re enter the conversation with “ask sense” for every request.

Also, maybe some expanded results.

As shown, I ask how much power I used today or this week, last billing, etc. It only returns how much power I am currently using.

The information is in the app under trends.

Even by the device. Hey Google, ask sense How much power did my ‘dryer’ use today?
Could even go as far as how much did I spend or how much did it cost to run my {device} {home} today/week/month/year…?
If someone has not entered the optional price per kwh then it would repond this has not been filled in. Would you like step by step instructions.

There also this…

Reponse was…

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The commands are much more limited than you are asking. A couple of times I received a message which said, “Hi! I can tell you about your current power usage and the devices in your home. What would you like to know?”

That sums up what the integration can currently give us. Some examples are: Ask Sense…
“How much power am I using?” (Doesn’t like contractions - I’m using)
Can be shortened to, “How much power using?”
“When did device name turn on” (or “turn off”)
“Is device name on?” (or off)

Sorry, I don’t know the proper command for solar generation. It also appears we can not get the device energy usage, only whether it is off or on.

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