Hair Dryer and Iron Seen as the same thing

Is it common for Sense to identify two different devices as the same thing? In my case it is a hair dryer and an iron. Thanks!

Absolutely, and even once the individual devices are detected and named separately, it can confuse them if the signatures are similar enough.


Quite common, especially if they are the same type of load, same voltage (240 vs 120) and on the same legs (L1 vs L2), plus about the same wattage. Sense conflates the 240V heating element in my dryer with one of my 240V floor heating loops.

My coffee maker, my toaster oven and my pressure cooker are all identified as my coffee maker (since it was the first of them detected)… I am confident that other high draw kitchen appliances that I have yet to attach to my outlet will also be see as my coffee maker in the future…

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So what is the best practice? Name the device hair dryer/iron? Just curious on how the community handles these things. Thanks!

If they are of the same type (i.e. Heat), I do exactly as you suggest, Floor Heater / Dryer.

Thanks! That is what I will do

I was told that a best practice was also to use the Sense App to “report a problem” whenever you see something turned on that isn’t on…

As an example, when my Toaster Oven was showing as “ON” and my Sense App showed the Coffee Maker as “ON”, I would go into the app menu to “Report A Problem” with the “Toaster Oven” device and report that “Device Is NOT On”. I was told that this would help the machine learning algorithm…

However, the last time I tried this, the “Device Is NOT On” selection was not available… Can one of the Sense team report why this was removed?

Is the “new” recommendation to just bundle the devices together and live with the fact that they will be confused and identified as the same thing?

Yes the Report A Problem feature was removed as the device sensing is being improved over time. Just label it Device1/Device2 for now and over time it may separate them, at least this is what I was told in a separate thread. You can also go the route I did, get Kasa plugs and use those until the system is able to figure it out on its own.

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Hi @MikeekiM - we addressed this in a separate comment here: