Heat pump changeover to cool and detection?

My heat pump was detected early on and is probably the most reliably reported devices. It’s only the compressor portion of the outdoor heat pump detected as far as I can tell and it makes me wonder about season change.
Since it is the compressor detected, when the unit is used in cooling mode instead of heat, will it still be accurately reported?
Heat pumps do tend to use less power for the compressor with cooler ambient temperatures so will there be enough change that sense will no longer recognize it?
If it does not recognize it then will it detect it as another device?

@samwooly1. My heat pump is reliably detected every time - in both heating and cooling. My fan for the unit has never been detected yet - always shows about 260 watts in the other bubble. Maybe someday! :grimacing::pray:. My unit is a 5 ton Goodman.

That’s good to know and I’ll be hoping for the same. I’m also wanting the condenser fan and air handler fans detected. I got a couple ideas To see if it’s oossible to help it along. The one I’m going to for sure try is to turn the heat off for a day and schedule the thermostat to turn the fan only off and on for to recirculate air. I’m hoping that because the heat pump won’t be running that there will be less “noise” and doing this a few days will allow detection.
If it is detected t hen maybe sense will report on it because it will have the signature saved and know what to look for.
The second idea is probably really bad and I haven’t determined how to do it yet. Thinking of how to not allow the compressor to start but only the fan. Hoping that it would provide the same results as above.

There shouldn’t be any major changes in the signature of the outside unit that would cause detection issues. The difference between heating and cooling is really only a valve that changes the direction of the refrigerant flow.

Thank you @oshawapilot
I know exactly how the system operates and how best and cool only differ with energize or de-energize of reversing valve (depends on brand for energize or not),
This will be my first warm season with the new unit and I wondered because they usually do run at higher wattages during the warm weather. It sounds like @dwleckie didn’t have any problems with his so the difference wasn’t enough to lose the detection.
I’m sure you have a lot more experience with the frustration surrounding losing a device or having the perfect reporting start to slip away.

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