Heat pump not detected in cooling mode

How come sense only recognizes my heat pump when it’s in heat mode but not when it’s in cooling mode? In both cases the blower and compressor work, with the only exception being that the reverse valve is energized with 24v in cooling mode. I have a second heat pump in the house and that one is recognized by sense in either mode. Can anyone help?

Hi @paul.golota. Other users with Heat Pumps might be able to provide more information on their personal experience, but my hypothesis would be that the signatures are different enough for them to be read as two separate devices and hasn’t detected the cooling mode.

Is the other heat pump that Sense has detected the same make/model?

The heat pumps are different brands and sizes - the one that sense identifies completely is a 2.5 ton goodman unit while the one thats MIA in cooling mode is a 3.5 ton lennox. They would have diff signatures I am sure because they are different brands and are sized differently, but it makes no sense that within one unit, sense cannot detect it in cooling mode, which pretty much uses the same parts as heating mode - again, with the exception of a reverse valve being energized in cooling mode. Maybe the compressor does something different as well? But my smaller heat pump recognizes both just fine.