Home Assistant Integration Stopped Working

Hi there!

I’ve recently gotten into using Home Assistant, and thought it was really cool how it so cleanly and effortlessly integrates with my Sense (among many other things). Worked great, until…

I moved my Home Assistant over to a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. Now it no longer works.

Apparently the problem is that OpenSSL 1.1.1b now requires TLS 1.2 or higher – and Sense’s servers are not configured to support that. Which means that if you are running on a modern Debian distribution, you can no longer run code that talks to Sense via OpenSSL.

There is a workaround mentioned in this thread, but it appears to involve degrading the security of your whole system so that it can talk to one service (Sense).

Is there an open bug against Sense tracking when their servers are going to be patched to work with a newer version of OpenSSL? Or does this require updating code on the Sense device itself?



It’s been a known issue for a while now - I’d hoped Sense would update their servers, but maybe the python package could have an added flag to allow it to run with the insecure server version