Who's using Home Assistant?


I have an extra RasPi lying around. I was using it for a NAS but realized it just wasn’t necessary. I’m thinking of giving Home Assistant a try. I’ve been using my Apple TV and Homekit but I’m honestly not a huge fan of either.

Who’s using Home Assistant and what do you think? As for integrations, I’d be bringing in Tp-Link/Wemo smart plugs, Amazon Alexa devices, Hue, Elgato sensors, and August smart locks. Obviously, I’ll also have to fiddle with the unofficial Sense component :shushing_face:


I’ve used Vera, Smartthings, and finally home assistant.

Home assistant is by far the most customizable and my favorite, but it also requires some care and feeding. They are closing in on version 1 (currently .90 with 2 week releases) at which point I’d expect a lot less breaking changes.

Tplink and hue use the integrations page, meaning configuration is much easier for beginners. Alexa may require you to pay for home assistant’s cloud at $5/month. Not sure about August and elgato, but if you Google “home assistant component” + you tech type you’ll find if it exists.

Hassio is probably the easiest install for a pi. Hassio allows you to install add-ons in separate Dockers all from the web UI once you have it installed initially.


I use Home Assistant as well. Currently on a pi but plan to move to something docker based soon.

TP-Link works great with it and the switching is IMMEDIATELY.

The Sense component wasn’t working the last I checked, I’m still on .89 and don’t see anything in the changelog.

As @mattlebaugh said, it requires some ‘care’ as he says :slight_smile: . NodeRED is a great add on that may help you immensely if you’re more of a visual guy like me.

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Thanks, guys. Maybe I’ll give it a go this weekend.