Home Assistant - Raspberry Pi

Anyone running Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi? If so, does it seem to keep up ok. All the RaspPi builds I’ve done was 3 B+ or prior builds and a new v. 4 with 64bit quad core processor appears to be the about the same prices now as a used v3.

I’m wanting to put -
Venstar (thermostat)

I’m not sure how much processing power HA takes, but curious if this build is stable.

I purchased the Blue Bundle from Ameridroid about 2 months ago. It’s pretty fast and stable. @DevOpsTodd has logged into mine and immediately commented how fast it was.

They are sold out of the Blue now.

I’m new to HA but as Todd said it was really fast, this has some info:

Home Assistant Amber (A): Vs Home Assistant Blue Bundle (B)

A: 2GB RAM, vs. B: 4GB RAM [B has 2x the RAM]
A: 16GB eMMC, vs. B: 128GB eMMC [B has 8x the storage]

As i understand it, this is their Amber model that is coming next month:

As noted in another thread, there is a serious flaw between HA and Sense that is affecting energy logging that has been going on for a while unfixed.


Did you try moving HA Energy configuration to Yearly Sense values ?That did the trick for me and fixed the the 1 hour gap from midnight to 1AM.

I’m still trying to get basic scripts to run in HA.

Afraid I’m not exactly sure how to change that.

Looks like you can load the Odriod N2+ with andriod 9.0 or Ubuntu 20.04… the specs on that thing should be at least twice as fast…. Should eat the RasPi 4/ 2G alive.

But I think the Odriod N2+ is available, just not on that site. I think this company is preloading it with andriod 9.0, then home assistant and putting a bunch of cheap switches /bulbs/ sensor which makes it very appealing to someone like me.

The “yellow” is defiantly a 2Gb raspberry pi 4 in one of their cases.

I didn’t realize that home assistant was supported on so many platforms, looks like a few companies do pretty much the same thing. I’m seeing a odriod N2+ in a fancy aluminum case that’s been CNC’ed and stuff.

I’m pretty much not wanting to run a pc or a server full time at the house. Im reading up on the odriod N2+ now.

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I didn’t buy all the sensors. Just the Unit.

I was running my instance on a raspberry pi for a couple years. I eventually upgraded to an Intel NUC for some extra speed, but that was in part because I wanted to run a plex server on it as well.

Although the rpi is fine for running HA with what you’re looking at, the best upgrade you can get is to get a USB SSD to store stuff on rather than an SD card. At the very least, make sure it’s an SD card rated for a large number of read/writes (like one for a security camera) as they can get corrupted pretty easily otherwise.

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I agree, I have defiantly had sever Pi builds crash over the SD cards dyeing. I defiantly don’t want a windows machine running. I did see there is a way to run HA on a synology NAS, I have 3 Netgear wifi routers that I am using as access points that all they support ReadyNAS which I think I can create a virtual environment and run HA in it. I only have one running ReadyNAS right now and its just running an auto itunes backup for our phones. The netgear processors that I have range from a dual core 1Ghz to a quad core 2.2Ghz just not much ram. I cant find a min ram requirement for home assistant… I see some comments in a few forums saying 8GB but people have been running HA on Raspberry Pi 1 with 512mb of ram for years