How Often Do You Vacuum?

For those that have had their vacuum automatically detected by sense, how often do you vacuum? Once a day, once or more a week, once a month? Also, how much juice does your vacuum pull?


Actually this is my 2nd vacuum. 32 times = 55 mins??

I might be the unusual case - I have a 1500W or so central vac that is used every week by the cleaning people, and is only plugged (ever) into a single leg. One challenge for vacuums is that they are typically plugged into different house circuits to clean different rooms, often crossing between L1 and L2, which to Sense can look like two different devices.

I “forced” a detection by power cycling the device using a program I wrote and a Kasa plug. As Kevin mentioned, it is not a reliable detection when moving to different outlets throughout the house. I am guessing you’d need to have daily usage to get a detection relatively quickly.

It’s a Shark NV352 and pulls about 1000W according to Sense and about 950W according to a Kill-A-Watt meter. However, according to the manual, it is a 1200W vacuum cleaner.

I’ve been using mine in the same outlets as many times as I can. I don’t vacuum very frequently though, so I’m going to do so at least once a week starting this week. It’s not like the vacuum is a high power use for me, it’s just one of the handful of devices I’d like to get detected and figured the motor of it was more easily detected. Here’s what I know from my power meter.